My Fashion Icon: Thelma Hall Cobb

Hey guys it's me Alexis Breanne again and this is my third blog post! I'm very excited for you guys to read about this because it's about my grandma, my inspiration for fashion. My grandmother, Thelma Hall Cobb passed away on July 24, 2012 and while looking through old family pictures I came across a couple that explained some of her fashion design, styling, and the reason why she is the biggest fashion icon in my eyes. In the pics above they all picture my grandma at different stages in her life, in fact she designed and made her own wedding dress! Her eye for detail and accessorizing is amazing to me. She frequently wore headdress accessories and you could always catch her with some crazy earrings on! Overall I would say my grandmother's signature look was skirts and dresses (that cut right above the knee for a little sassiness ;) , bangles, and a turban to bring the look together.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures :)

R.I.P Thelma Hall Cobb 06/01/38-07/24/12

She's left behind a lot of pieces for me to inherit and interpret in my own way so be on the lookout in upcoming posts!

Alexis Breanne


  1. I have bookmarked this link as it is very educational, my kids will be following this post too.
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