Sequins&Chic is blog after our slogan: "Covering fashion from head to toe!" The creator and founder Alexis Breanne Simmons, known as Alexis Breanne for short, began this blog at the suggestion of a friend. In formulating an idea for a blog she knew she wanted it to be about fashion, but set out to find ways to better the personal blog every day. In late October of 2012 Alexis began talking with her friend Jasmine Dunham who would soon become co-writer and editor for Sequins&Chic. This blog now covers not only "fashion for the masses," but we focus on hair, make-up, accessories, and fashions for women and men from size 0 to plus sizes.

We hope you enjoy our journey through fashion and stick with us through the years,
Alexis Breanne


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Hello everyone! My name is Alexis Breanne Simmons and I am a 19 year old college student at Wake Forest University. I am passionate about fashion in every sense but I love photography and styling the most! I created this blog at the suggestion of my friend Trey in order to display some of my work that I do along my journey! I appreciate the views, comments, and any advice that you may have. I am always open to new ways to better myself so send messages or email me at my personal email: abreanne11@gmail.com. I'm excited for you all to see what I come up with! Alexis Breanne xoxo


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